PanVenture’s Mission:

“To Deliver International Growth Solutions to Clients ”.

The PanVenture Process:
  • International Focus – Develop the business strategy and critical decisions required for international  growth
  • Strategic Clarity – Identify “global growth generators” with tested assumptions and clear financial modelling
  • Data and Analysis – Market research, client and employee interviews performed by the PanVenture international team
  • Compelling Proposition – With measurable benefits to the client
  • Business Synchronisation – Ensuring that the client’s business plans and operating models fulfil its global corporate goals
  • Collaborative Approach – A collaborative and inclusive approach – go global projects that are “done with you not to you”
  • Management Mentorship – Leadership development for the top team as a key enabler of the cultural change associated with international strategy implementation
  • Operating Plan – Including the top ten initiatives essential to successful global implementation
  • Risk Management – Careful consideration of risk factors and mitigation of any obstacles to international success
  • Performance Improvement – Improved management and results across the company worldwide through the application of a zero based mindset
  • Zero-Based Mindset – More holistic than zero-based budgeting (ZBB), ZBM is a new way to identify cost savings and reinvest for growth, profitability, sustainability and trust. ZBM focuses on flexibility vs legacy, scientific vs guesswork, and the future vs the past to fuel growth and competitiveness. Starting a ZBM mindset goes beyond line items and balance sheets. ZBM is about transforming culture throughout an organization and obtaining buy-in and ownership by the executive team and their staff.
  • Holistic and International – Most consultants focus on some of these elements – PanVenture is different because our consulting package is international and holistic

Our Value and Benefits to the Client

  • Enterprise value typically increases by over three-fold
  • International growth strategy is a compelling equity story and provides owners with the potential for an optimised exit
  • Investors are attracted to provide funding for expansion catalysis
  • Performance and profitability increase by over 5 times the cost
  • Management are fully engaged in the project which reduces PanVenture costs in comparison with other external consultants by at least a third
  • The PanVenture process facilitates rapid project timescales of 3-4 months on average (will vary with complexity and scale)
  • Enhanced skills and capabilities of management participants in the programme

Working with PanVenture:

  • The financial benefits that our clients achieve in the first year of a project are typically more than five times the PanVenture fees.
  • PanVenture fees are typically a third lower than consultancies as we work with client managers rather than using large external project teams.
  • The PanVenture team are experienced business practitioners with many years of hands on experience.
  • We have a collaborative approach that is practical rather that theoretical and supports the learning and development of our client management teams.
  • The coaching facilitates behavioural changes needed to implement a new strategy.

Opportunity and Timing:

Opportunity and Timing: Cutting Costs – Made in Asia: Made For Asia:
If your company is seeking to find an OEM manufacturing partner, to acquire a factory, establish a JV with an Asian company, or to set up your own “green-field” operations and factory in Asia, PanVenture has the local “Guan-Xi” (connections), expertise, knowledge of legal, regulatory and government that your company will need to succeed.

Opportunity and Timing: Now is the Right Time to Get Your Products and Services to the Asian Markets:
Whether you are an American college planning to recruit more international students from Myanmar, a British company wanting to sell products into China, a US company wanting to open a branch office in Thailand, a German company wanting to find a distribution partner in Vietnam, a University wanting to set up a campus in Indonesia, or a Government Agency seeking support on inward investment partnerships, PanVenture has bilingual local partners located around the region ready to assist.

Opportunity and Timing: : Environment Protection, Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Food/Agribusiness, and Education Focus In Asia:
PanVenture and its strategic partners are working on projects in Environment Protection, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Food/Agribusiness, and Education Industries in Asia. These industries are being deregulated/privatized and have tremendous market growth potential.  We are seeking US or European partners interested to explore operational cooperation, technology transfer, M & A, Joint Venture, direct investment, licensing, sales and distribution opportunities in Asia.

Opportunity and Timing: Locate Low-Cost Operating Solutions:
Recent economic conditions are putting enormous pressure on businesses to cut labour and resource costs. PanVenture can help your company to locate overseas outsourcing delivery and service partners or factories in North and South East Asia which can be either Outsourced Service Delivery Partners, OEM Production,  Joint Venture or Acquisition Targets to cut your costs and allow access to the growing markets in Asia.