HPP – The Next Generation of High Pressure Processing Systems


PanVenture is proud to be a Global Representative of BTKF, a company specialising in HPP (High Pressure Processing), located in Inner Mongolia, China. BTKF has developed pioneering technology to manufacture high pressure steel chambers with superior strength using a technique known as “autofrettage”. This technology has been patented for use in the food processing industry as a replacement for high temperature pasteurisation, and known as High Pressure Processing (“HPP”).  HPP (High Pressure Processing) is one of the newest technologies available for better food safety and to preserve the natural flavors.

Quality of Food and Beverage processing is becoming increasingly challenging with higher demands for fresh tasting but microbe free products. Normal pasteurisation produces foods and beverages with bland tastes but high pressure processing (HPP) which is also known as “pascalisation”, is becoming a widely accepted alternative because the processing enables microbe-free products with fresh tasting natural flavours. PanVenture’s consultants are representing Baotou Kefa High Processing Technology Co., Ltd to market their HPP equipment internationally and to increase their global brand recognition.

For more information about PanVenture’s specialty consulting in HPP (High Pressure Pasteurisation) food processing  technology, please see below: PanVenture HPP Partnership.

HPP-PBA Consulting Services

HPP-PBA is a Global Partnership between PanVenture (BVI), Baotou Kefa (China), and Advanced Process Systems (USA) to bring the latest and greatest food safety technology to the world food and beverage market.

PBA joined forces in 2012 and their management have more than a decade of experience working with HPP (High Pressure Processing) systems in food processing technology and have been at the forefront of design, development, manufacturing and sales of this technology for commercial, industrial and research applications. We have successfully installed over 100 systems worldwide and are a preferred HPP supplier to many Food and Beverage Manufacturers, Universities and R&D facilities.

PBA works closely with a major vertical food company that has extensive HPP experience and a large R & D staff.  PBA offers R & D and support capabilities unrivaled by the competition.

Our Machine Certifications

  • ISO9001:2008
  • ASME U3 High Pressure Vessel
  • CE
  • UL optional
  • PED

Next Generation HPP

PBA is offering the best of breed HPP systems using advanced technologies from around the world.  Chambers are built using AutoFrettage to offer far greater service life and safety than the competition.  Frames are advanced laminated steel for lighter weight.  Control systems are state of the art.  Cycle times are lower and throughput is higher.

PBA is bringing you the next generation of HPP.

HPP – Cost Savings

PBA’s advanced manufacturing techniques and modern design translate into a lighter, stronger, safer system with a lower cost of manufacture.  Components last longer, are easier to service and cost less to maintain.  Total cost of ownership is substantially lower.

PBA can now offer HPP to companies that could never afford it before, and improve the profitability of companies that already use older HPP technology.

Lighter, Stronger, Safer HPP at a Fraction of the Cost


PBA is bringing the next generation HPP systems with best of breed technology in all of its components.  State of the art manufacturing techniques allow PBA to deliver better systems at a lower cost.  Our systems are lighter and more compact, allowing you to avoid expensive and time consuming site preparation.  PBA is making HPP a reality for companies that cannot afford the competitors’ systems.  And it’s increasing profits for companies that must use HPP by lowering costs.
The modular design makes systems more affordable and give customers an easy, low cost upgrade path.  Options like basket return conveyors and automation of product load and unload offer maximum throughput and efficiency.
PBA builds 1, 2 and 4 chamber commercial systems with a wide selection of chamber sizes ranging from 50 liters to 500 liters.   All PBA commercial systems are horizontal chambers with flow-through design for rapid cycle times.  PBA also builds 1 to 50 liter vertical and horizontal systems for R & D use.
Read our white papers on Next Generation HPP and Cost Savings to find out how PBA offers lighter, stronger, safer systems at a fraction of the cost.

HPP-PBA – “Singlet” Chamber Systems

You can purchase a “Singlet” and upgrade to a “Doublet” or even a “Quad” later with little to no inconvenience or delay in production. This allows you to get started using HPP with less hardware and add capacity as you expand into processing more and more of your products with HPP. There is no need to buy capacity you aren’t planning to use for 6 months or a year. PBA already beats the competition on similarly sized systems.  The ability to buy a smaller system allows you to save even more money on the initial move into HPP.  For example, rather than purchasing a single 300L system you can purchase a Singlet 200L system and add another chamber later to achieve 400L of capacity. You will also achieve better throughput by having two chambers rather than one.

HPP-PBA Doublet – Dual Chamber Systems

The PBA Doublet is a true dual chamber system.  Unlike the competition, the Doublet is not just a marketing strategy for selling two complete systems at full price.
The Doublet is an advanced design that shares components between chambers wherever possible.  The Doublet costs less than comparable single chamber systems offered by the competition.  The Doublet allows you to save even more money by running continuously without work stoppage between cycles.  It is much more expensive to do this with the competition because you are essentially paying for two systems rather than one.Even better, you can save initial capital outlays by starting with a Singlet and upgrading to a Doublet later with almost no cost penalty.

HPP-PBA Quad – Four Chamber Systems

The PBA Quad is the world’s first 4 chamber system.  With capacities up to 2000L the Quad is by far the highest throughput HPP system in the world. The Quad uses the same modular design as the Singlet and Doublet system and offers the same upgrade path.  The Quad gives PBA the ability to deliver 1, 2, 3 or 4 chamber systems.

HPP – World Class Service & Support

PBA’s North American partner Advanced Proceess Systems provides primary support for PBA customers.  PBA also has a 24 hour multilingual telephone support operation providing backline factory support in Shanghai.  In addition, PBA has established a network of local service providers throughout North America.  With over 10 years building and supporting HPP systems, PBA knows how to keep its customers up and running.

HPP – Complete Solutions for North America

PBA Partner Advanced Process Systems can design and implement completely automated turnkey HPP systems that maximize efficiency and throughput.  Customers can also request custom features and modifications from the factory.

HPP – Financing & Value Added Consulting

PBA Partner Advanced Process Systems also provides consulting for product formulation, packaging and food safety and can arrange financing for all project costs.

HPP – Toll Processing Services

PBA Partner Advanced Process Systems is offering toll processing services in major markets throughout the country.  Now food and beverage companies can use HPP to improve the safety and shelf life of their products for a small volume-based fee.


HPP – Worldwide Experience

For more than a decade PBA has been at the forefront of High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology, building over 50 systems worldwide.  PBA designs and installs turnkey systems, bringing state of the art HPP solutions to North America.
The team at PBA have many years of experience servicing customers in global markets on a broad range of products and services. Our team have worked with major manufacturers, processors, R&D facilities, Universities and institutions around the world. Many of our clients are repeat customers who have benefited from our technology and customer service.

HPP – Field Trialed & Proven

PBA not only manufacture and sell High Pressure Processing (HPP) machines or rely on our historical sales volume, years of service or for that matter assumed number of cycles of our customers systems to justify our service and reliability. Rather, we field trial our systems in our own processing plants with many hundreds of operating hours before we approve any new design to go into production. Our rigorous testing and evaluation procedures are unique and unmatched in the HPP manufacturing industry as we prove our products in real-world applications on the processing plant floor before they are offered to any of our customers. Only in this way can we be sure that our products and services are fit for purpose.

HPP – Leader In Innovation

PBA are internationally recognised as leaders in innovation
with many world firsts in High Pressure Processing (HPP) design and
product innovation, for example:

First and only HPP manufacturer to use weapons industry based
manufacturing technology
First and only HPP manufacturer to use double layer heat-shrink sleeve
First and only HPP manufacturer to use laminated steel frame technology
First and only HPP manufacturer to use AutoFrettage high pressure
(960MPa) cold tempered pressure chamber
First and only HPP manufacturer to use Rare Earth Element Technology
First and only HPP manufacturer to pre-delivery test system to 750MPa
First and only HPP manufacturer to offer extended operating life
(200,000 cycles)
First and only HPP manufacturer to offer two (2) years free periodic
maintenance parts with every system
First and only Chinese HPP manufacturer to be Certified to ASME Boiler and
Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Division 3


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