Villiers School Limerick Ireland

Villiers School Limerick

The First IB Authorised Boarding School in Ireland
Based in the Southwest of Ireland, less than 20 km from Shannon Airport and less than 5 minutes to all major motorways, Villiers is an ideal location for both national and international students. With close to 200 years of history, Villiers staff promote inclusive, yet independent education, so that students reach their full potential. Villiers is a multi-denominational and multi-cultural school with over 600 students and a 14-acre campus. Villiers offers a range of programmes for students from 12-18 years old.
Villiers School is seeking new agents from different regions around the world. However please note that the school is currently oversubscribed in Spain, Germany, China, Thailand, Poland, Russia, and Brazil.
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Viliers IBDP Programmes
In 2017 Villiers became the first and only boarding school in Ireland to be authorized as an International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme school.
IB Academic Strength
For over 40 years, International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programmes have gained a reputation for their high academic standards. Founded in 1968, currently there are close to 1 million IB students at 3,440 schools in 141 countries across the world.

IB Transferable/Flexible
The IB is transferable from country to country and school to school. Villiers accepts students that want to develop English skills, and to explore a different culture or for families who live in Ireland for a short period.
Villiers ITY Programmes
Villiers ITY (International Transfer Year) Programme is a preparatory year for students of 15-16 years old considering studying for the IB Diploma Programme. However, it is also open to students who wish to study the Leaving Certificate programme. Students study in small group English classes, prepare for Cambridge English exams and an Irish Cultural studies programme. Outside the classroom, students take part in exhilarating and active outdoor pursuits. ITY gives students an opportunity to taste what the IBDP is like, to improve their English so they can engage in the IBDP and to begin developing research and critical thinking skills.
Villiers Junior Cycle/Junior Certificate
Junior Students (12-16) can participate in our Junior Cycle/ Junior Certificate programme and can stay for 1-3 years, while Senior Students (16-18) can stay for 1-2 and participate in either the Leaving Certificate Programme or the International Baccalaureate Programme. Small-group language and classroom support classes are provided to all students for whom English is a second language while students also have the option of preparing for Cambridge English Exams.
Famous Alumni
Our alumni include Olympic Gold Medallist, (Daniel Ketchum), former Minister of Education, (Jan O’Sullivan) and NASA’s former Head of Operational Medicine, (Dr. Percival McCormack).

Students are housed in modern dorms with about six students per dorm. At Villiers we encourage a multi-cultural and family-style.
Dorms are managed by boarding and academic staff together with two rotational school nurses. The principal and members of staff live on campus together with their families. There is a real sense of belonging and an acceptance of individualism.

Currently our international boarders account for over 20% of the boarders and includes students from Germany, Spain, China, Thailand and Vietnam.

Students feel that that they are living within a family, and experience a challenging academic environment, learn to socialize, exercise and self-exploration. Our varied clubs include: Hockey, Rugby, Basketball, Badminton, Crafts, Cookery, Philosophy, Debating, Gardening, Computers, Choir, Friendship, Quilting and Sewing, Metalwork and more!

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