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PPE Supplies including Masks, Gloves, Gowns, Goggles, Shields

Fabric Clothing, Doctors Overall, Nurses Uniforms, Scrubs


Hotel Bedroom Linens, Bathroom Towels, Restaurant Linens

Covid 19

Coronavirus – We recognise the impact coronavirus is having and we’re doing everything we can to help. Please call us or click on the link if we can help with PPE and other needs.

We have been sourcing products from China since 2000 including Hotel Bed Linens, Towels and Amenities. When the pandemic struck we quickly adapted to sourcing PPE for the Healthcare, Care Homes and Hospitality sectors.


We supply: Gloves, Masks, Coveralls, Goggles, Thermometers, Breathing Machines and Body Bags. If you are in need of this equipment please contact us directly to arrange a purchase. Prices and delivery time may fluctuate depending on volume and customer location.
A selection of PPE Products and Specifications is available: HERE

Sanitise Your Work, Play and Study Areas with PureSan™ Technology

The PureSan™ Room Sanitising Machine is our latest product and provides you the solution to keep your place always clinically clean and protected. The PureSan Room Sanitiser is an ‘always on’ air and surface sanitiser which uses innovative micro-mist electrostatic diffusion technology to continuously sanitise any indoor space killing most viruses and bacteria including COVID-19. The product is certified and causes no irritation for human contact and inhalation and offers constant protection whilst the room is in use. Contact:

The ClearMask™ – One of our most popular products is The ClearMask™ which is designed to help people communicate during the pandemic – including the deaf community, older folks, hospitalised patients, young children, students and teachers – in hospitals, clinics, care homes, schools, and universities. For detailed information and bulk orders contact:

Other Products Available Include:

A selection of Hotel Bed Linens, Towels, TableWare is available: HERE

A selection of Fabric Clothing for Healthcare is available: HERE

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