PanVenture is currently providing consulting services as follows:


Overseas Education Services – to UK, USA and China

Assisting Students from South East Asia and East Asia to study British university courses in United kingdom, Ireland and at campuses in Asia

PanVenture’s consultants have assisted several overseas education companies with marketing, online marketing, systems development and operational support. These companies have successfully assisted several thousands of students from Asia to study British and American university programmes.

HPP Food Processing Equipment – China

High Pressure Processing (HPP) – The Latest Technology for Food Safety Equipment

PanVenture is proud to be a Global Representative of BTKF, a company located in Inner Mongolia, China which has developed pioneering technology to manufacture high pressure steel chambers with superior strength using a technique known as “autofrettage”. This technology has been patented for use in the food processing industry as a replacement for high temperature pasteurisation.

Quality of Food and Beverage processing is becoming increasingly challenging with higher demands for fresh tasting but microbe free products. Normal pasteurisation produces foods and beverages with bland tastes but high pressure processing (HPP) which is also known as “pascalisation”, is becoming a widely accepted alternative because the processing enables microbe-free products with fresh tasting natural flavours. PanVenture’s consultants are representing Baotou Kefa High Processing Technology Co., Ltd to market their HPP equipment internationally and to increase their global brand recognition.

For more information about PanVenture’s specialty consulting in HPP (High Pressure Pasteurisation) food processing  technology, please visit the following link: PanVenture HPP Partnership.

Business, Legal and Immigration Services – Thailand

PanVenture has provided international marketing consulting services to TSL & Associates (Thailand) since April 2015.

PanVenture assisted this Thai Lawfirm to internationalise its marketing and build its brand to reach global clients. We have completely rebuilt the international website and established online marketing campaigns (SEO, SEM and SMM), moving it from no-ranking to top page for relevant online search. TSL & Associates (Thailand) is a lawfirm specialising in Business Law, Family Law, Legal Services and Litigation for Expats, Global Immigration and Visa Applications.


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