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Mission Expertise – “To Provide Reliable and Effective Services to Global Clients”. PanVenture has been providing global management consulting services since 2000. PanVenture’s consultants have broad and varied experience across industries and can help customers to build business and access new markets. Since 2003, PanVenture has consolidated its focus on the global Education sector.

Education Sector – PanVenture Provides Marketing Expertise – International Student Recruitment

PanVenture assisted a number of British, Irish, American and Chinese education institutions to internationalise their student bodies and to develop their international student recruitment strategies and operational processes. PanVenture assists Education Institutions to design and implement an effective international student recruitment strategy, and to implement that strategy efficiently. Our clients include universities, vocational colleges, high schools, language schools. PanVenture assists clients with development of their online presence, including website design, search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, social media marketing. PanVenture can also assist you to find high quality student recruitment agents around the world. We are specialists in Asia, Europe, Russia and CIS, Latin America, Middle East and Africa.

Higher Education – Establishment of Sino-Foreign JV Universities in China Expertise

Several front-runners have made the first moves to set up campuses in China. There are many pitfalls for unsuspecting and uninformed entities. PanVenture was the lead consulting firm to the first foreign University setting up its Sino-Foreign Joint Venture campus in Mainland China. PanVenture has also provided advisory services to 3 other foreign Universities that set up Joint Venture University campuses in China. PanVenture has provided consulting services in the areas of Finance, Intellectual Property Rights, Estates Planning, Market Analysis, Facilities Management, Procurement, IT Support, Network and Systems, Administration Systems,  Joint Venture Negotiation, Repatriation of Costs, Government Liaison, License Application, Banking and Insurance, Taxation and Legal, Staff Recruitment, Student Recruitment, and Visa and Immigration.

High Pressure Processing (HPP) – PanVenture Provides Marketing Expertise – Latest Technology for Food Safety Equipment

Quality of Food and Beverage processing is becoming increasingly challenging with higher demands for fresh tasting but microbe free products. Normal pasteurisation produces foods and beverages with bland tastes but high pressure processing (HPP) which is also known as “pascalisation” is becoming a widely accepted alternative because the processing enables microbe-free products with fresh tasting natural flavours. PanVenture’s consultants are representing Baotou Kefa High Processing Technology Co., Ltd to market their HPP equipment internationally and to increase their global brand recognition.

Legal, Visa & Immigration Business – PanVenture Provides Digital Marketing Expertise in Thailand

PanVenture Consultants assisted the Thai Lawfirm to internationalise its marketing and build its brand to reach global clients. Rebuilt the international website and established online marketing campaigns (SEO, SEM and SMM), moving it from low-ranking to top-ranking for relevant online search. TSL & Associates (Thailand) is a lawfirm specialising in Business Law, Family Law, Legal Services and Litigation for Expats, Global Immigration and Visa Applications.

Seaport Construction and Investment Opportunities

With the rapid market development and increased import/export pressure there is a huge requirement to expand Seaports along the China coast. PanVenture is representing a Shandong Seaport in its construction, project planning and investment opportunities.

Now is the Right Time to Get Your Products and Services to the Asian Markets

Whether you are an American college planning to recruit more international students from Myanmar, a British company wanting to sell products into China, a US company wanting to open a branch office in Thailand, a German company wanting to find a distribution partner in Vietnam, a University wanting to set up a campus in Indonesia, or a Government Agency seeking support on inward investment partnerships, PanVenture has bilingual local staff located around the region ready to assist.

Cutting Costs – Made in Asia: Made For Asia

If your company is seeking to find an OEM manufacturing partner, to acquire a factory, establish a JV with an Asian company, or to set up your own “green-field” operations and factory in Asia, PanVenture has the local “Guan-Xi” (connections), expertise, knowledge of legal, regulatory and government that your company will need to succeed.

Environment Protection, Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Food/Agribusiness, and Education Focus In Asia

PanVenture and its strategic partners are working on projects in Environment Protection, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Food/Agribusiness, and Education Industries in Asia. These industries are being deregulated/privatized and have tremendous market growth potential.  We are seeking US or European partners interested to explore operational cooperation, technology transfer, M & A, Joint Venture, direct investment, licensing, sales and distribution opportunities in Asia.

Locate Low-Cost Operating Solutions

Recent economic conditions are putting enormous pressure on businesses to cut labour and resource costs. PanVenture can help your company to locate overseas outsourcing delivery and service partners or factories in North and South East Asia which can be either Outsourced Service Delivery Partners, OEM Production,  Joint Venture or Acquisition Targets to cut your costs and allow access to the growing markets in Asia.

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